Monday, February 23, 2009


again some amazing ideas with bantu knots

How-to-Do A Wet Set without Using Rollers

now i know this is locs but its still natural and i think the same rules apply if you can't be bothered to use rollers


bantu knots style we really dont see enough of this styleb anymore

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hairstyle design knows what am talking about.

What am talking about is styles that doesn't include braids or weave or relaxed hair all the below styles can be achieved without doing any of those things.

this is possibly relaxed hair but with rollers and straighteners and depending on the length of your hair you can definitely achieve this look.

unfortunately that's all i found on their site for natural hair still looking for more.

Been there done that
a collection of natural hairstyles most we have seen before but if you look closer there are a few in there that can bring in some new ideas on how you might style your hair today.


I love chamogul's on youtube complete style here with the flowers adding a colour to her black hair finished off with the glasses. she is looking hot. Black with a hint of colour something we learn about clothes but find we can easily apply to our hair. excellent idea. I will try this look and post something soon.

Black couples-Natural hair

I like this collection of natural hair styles on couples by naturalnana on youtube. Even though they are typical hair styles for people with natural hair styles it still radiates beauty and fills that void missing in the media.

A reply to youtube video on natural hair

But don't you think that society has brainwashed you to believe that what constitute beautiful hair is straight hair.
Its been going on for too long for you to notice or realise and I totally agree with you on the aspect of hair care because it so much hard work we go for the easy option and conform to looking like everybody else.

if there were a lot more famous black women in magazines and the media with natural hair that isn't loc or twisted in some way then we might start to see evidence that our hair is beautiful the way it is and be compelled to just let it be.

I have to disagree about natural hair not suiting everyone. If you like it short then wear it short. if you like it long then wear it long. if you prefer straight then wear it straight. There are still means of straightening hair without relaxers. It does require creativity and hard work to get a good style out of natural afro hair but i think once good research and methods have been found on the topic then it comes easy to people.

we haven't figured out the best way yet because no one bothers to try but instead go with the flow of the majority and what we all think is beautiful.

There needs to be further research into relaxers and finding a natural alternative to straightening afro hair but having it straight is not the only way to get beauty out of what God gave us.

as you can see its way too long for youtube.


Hi and welcome to Afro Hair Styles. I need some hairstyle ideas for my natural hair and am sick of finding that all that is on offer to me are locs, braids or relaxed hair.
There have got to be more interesting ways to get a good look that suits me without hiding what God gave me.

I will also try to find a good hair care regime including finding a salon in the UK that is qualified and can cater to Afro hair, so please join me on my journey and feel free to put in your 2 cents including sending me pictures of wonderful afro hairstyles.
Seun aka Afrosmile